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November 29 is Small Business Saturday

Small Business Saturday is fast approaching, and this year it promises to be the most widely celebrated annual event to support local businesses ever. Along with Black Friday and Cyber Monday – notorious sales days each year – Small Business Saturday is poised to become a major movement in holiday season shopping. Everyone has their favorite brick-and-mortar stores that hold a special place in their hearts and in their towns.…

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Shop Small in Boulder County

“When you shop small, it can lead to big things.” That’s the founding belief behind American Express’ Shop Small Movement, now a nationwide holiday tradition that encourages people to support their local small businesses. Since its inception in 2010, the Shop Small Movement has been making an impact in communities as people shop at their neighborhood retailers and become loyal customers. This year, the Shop Small Movement will be celebrated…

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Entrepreneur: “The Fours Ms of Social Media That All Marketers Should Master”

According to this Entrepreneur article, there are “Four Ms of Social Media That All Marketers Should Master.” The modern science of social media communication is complex, and each message posted by a company needs to have clout. Once these four Ms are mastered, however, social media marketing becomes a tactical, ingenious art. The first M is for Monitor. Every marketing professional should have a strategy to keep track of their…

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What the Fork Food Truck

The Value of Two Dollars (is More than You Think)

What is a couple of dollars worth today? A food truck roving the streets of Scranton, Pennsylvania, has discovered that two-dollar bills have made its business memorable and profitable. The What the Fork food truck gives customers two-dollar bills as change for their orders when they pay in cash, and it’s setting the truck apart and keeping people coming back for more. Mario Bevilacqua owns What the Fork, and this…

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No, Red Bull Doesn’t Give You Wings

Did anyone actually think that the energy drink’s slogan, “Red Bull gives you wings,” was a factual statement? Red Bull recently settled a false advertising lawsuit because of the slogan (which is a principle influencer in Red Bull’s commercials and advertisements) and the apparent lack of wings being grown but consumers of the Taurine- and caffeine-loaded beverage. As a result of the settlement, Red Bull has agreed to pay roughly…

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The Internet is abuzz with trepidation about a new bug in software systems, and it’s with good reason. Shellshock is the name bequeathed to the bug that affects Bash, a shell program, and it’s threatening enough to make cyber security experts shiver with fear. It is predicted that this ‘Bash Bug’ could have more crippling consequences than the Heartbleed bug that reared its head in April. Shellshock is as serious…

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Google Cloud Platform

Good Google News for Startups

Google announced a new program that could be a great ally to new startup businesses. Google’s Cloud Platform for Startups offers startups $100,000 in Cloud Platform credit that can be applied toward all Cloud Platform products. The offer also comes with 24/7 support for eligible startups, including around-the-clock phone customer service and little to no wait times. Cloud Platform solutions engineers are available to assist startups one-on-one as they dive…

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