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Takeaways from the Facebook Study

The recent controversial study conducted by Facebook on the emotions of a sample of its users certainly has stirred up conversation. The study, conducted in 2012 by a “Facebook data scientist” and researchers from Cornell University and the University of California, was theoretically to reveal insight on users’ emotions connected to social networks. Some are calling the ethics of Facebook’s Emotional Contagion study questionable. The study measured users’ emotional responses…

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An Intro to the Internet of Things

The evolution of technology in the past few decades truly has transformed the way we interact and do business. As a species, we have had to learn and keep up with the latest and greatest technologies to stay current and to stay savvy. There is nothing that has had greater impact on our lives than the Internet and its vast interconnectivity. Today, there is anticipation that the next level of…

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4 Tips for Gaining Repeat Customers

Customer service is essential for the survival of any business.  This is even more true of small businesses and start-ups as loyal customer base is needed both to grow and to succeed.  Economically speaking, you want your customers to return to your business again and again because it ensures that your business will continue to thrive.  Building relationships is important in all aspects of life and your business should be…

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How to Deal with Startup Stress

Stress is a fact of life.  It occurs when a certain situation puts a large amount of pressure on an individual’s life.  Sometimes, the amount of stress that is put upon a person can seem inescapable, which can bring about feelings of discouragement and defeat.  In fact, many people try to avoid stressful situations at all costs because they know all too well what happens when stress gets the best…

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Yelp’s Mighty Influence Being Challenged by Alternative Sites

As the world’s population continues to spend more time online, the amount of content they share online will also increase.  Whether they share photos, music or even opinions, it is important to comprehend that sharing anything can have tremendous impacts–both positive and negative. There are many websites that allow you to cast your opinions or reviews on businesses and services.  Yelp, which is one of the most popular review sites,…

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YMCA of Boulder Valley Annual Campaign Drive

Alright, alright, first, a little back story. I began serving on the board for the YMCA of Boulder Valley beginning this year. I have quite an affinity for this place for several reasons, not the least of which is this was the place that served as the springboard for all our family has done with the sport of hockey. Some 14 years ago, I got a membership here, and my…

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Website Wisdom: 8 Ways to Stay Ahead of Disaster

Your website: It’s the face you show the world and it’s the place you direct your customers to probably every day. When it’s running like you want it to, it’s a thing of beauty. But when things go wrong, man, they go wrong. This post isn’t going to be the cure-all for what ails your site, but might give you some ideas on how to prevent big issues later on. Consider…

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